Marijuana in Algeria (Cephas)

Algeria occupies the central part of the Atlas mountain region and a quarter of the territory of the Sahara desert. Optimal conditions for the cultivation of cannabis exist only in the northern part of the country where the dominant subtropical climate and enough rain falls. Cannabis has never been applied in agriculture and industry of Algeria, and was grown in limited quantities exclusively for the production of psychotropic products. The properties of this plant the locals know from immemorial time. Wandering in the desert Berbers necessarily carry a hash, along with water, tea and sugar.

Until the beginning of XX century the use of marijuana (Cephas) was one of the elements of Algerian life: it was served in all stores, in hookahs in a mixture with tobacco. French colonialists did not just ban the production and sale of hashish and marijuana, but carefully watched over the observance of this ban and violators were placed in garrison in prison. In 1965, after a short war, Algeria gained independence, but the attitude to cannabis has not changed. Marijuana and hashish is punishable by a short-term imprisonment for the cultivation and trade provides 10 years’ imprisonment. Therefore, local residents don’t grow hemp, but prefer to buy hashish from neighboring Morocco

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