Marijuana for Berlusconi delivered by air

Marijuana for Silvio Berlusconi’s guests was delivered by his private jet, such information is contained in the testimony of a prostitute Nadia Macri, who twice has provided sexual services to the Prime Minister of Italy.
According to her, during a party in Berlusconi’s Sardinian villa marijuana was everywhere. True, the Prime Minister himself did not smoke.

For sex with 74-year-old Prime Minister Nadia Makram received 10 thousand euros.Berlusconi himself handed her the money in envelopes, and also gave small gifts. According to Macrae, to Berlusconi she was introduced by impresario Lele Mora.

Mora previously figured in the testimony of another prostitute, calling herself Ruby. On her relationship with Berlusconi became known in late October. First there were reports that she slept with the prime minister when she was underage. Then she denied this information, but spoke of a marble statue of Superman with Berlusconi’s face on Sardinian villa.

Berlusconi’s Sex scandal broke after the media reported about his relationship with an underage prostitute Noemie Letizia. Subsequently, the newspapers repeatedly wrote that he used the escort services. Because of this scandal, Prime minister divorced his wife.

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