Marijuana In Australia

November 8, 2010

Marijuana In Australia

Two-thirds of Australia’s deserts and semi-deserts. In most parts of the continent the climate is tropical dry, for the cultivation of hemp are most suitable south-eastern territories, where sufficient rain falls.

Hemp crop was brought to Australia in the late XVIII century, but never played a big role in the economy. Currently cannabis cultivatio

Marijuana In Australia

n evolving efforts of enthusiasts, without support, but without much interference from the government. The largest industrial hemp plantation located on the island of Tasmania, where functions Tasmanian Hemp Company. Company’s flagship product – hemp oil, used as a base for paints and lubricants.

The use of psychoactive cannabis was not known to the masses until 1960., Its distribution is associated with the hippie movement. At the end of 1990., According to anonymous surveys, marijuana and hashish had tried 50 to 60% of the Australian population, and about 25% of the population of Sydney and Adelaide have used them more or less regularly. Most of the cannabis consumed in Australia is grown in the forested mountains of the south-east of the country. The largest colony of cannabis producers located in the village of Nimbin, which hosts the annual hemp Mardi Grass festival.
Storage and sale of psychotropic hemp products are prohibited by laws of all states of Australia. Nevertheless, possession of small amounts (up to 25 g) not punishable or punished by a fine of 50 to 500 Australian dollars. Growing up to 10 shrubs is also considered a low priority offense, but possession and cultivation in a large scale is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 20 years to life. There exists a strong and organized movement for legalization of cannabis, and the authorities in some states already are inclined to the decriminalization of marijuana like in Nederland., in Sydney, recently opened its first coffee shop and held Cannabis Parade.

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