Removal of Marijuana from the body

Contrary to popular belief, there are no accurate data on the withdrawal of Tetrahydrocannabinol substances from the human body. 95% of the duration of the period of withdrawal depends on the individual human organism. Much depends on persons illness in the past, from chronic diseases. Also, permanent long-term acceptance of drugs may increase the period of withdrawal of the drug up to a year or more.

The second factor affecting the duration of the output is the kind type of drug, and where it was grown. For example, marijuana and hashish produced in the Asia-Pacific region (Cambodia, India, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, etc.) are derived from the human body about 3-5 weeks. Marijuana grown in Latin America because of its purity and quality, most psycho activity and soil characteristics of the region, eliminated from the body in about 7 days (Venezuela, Suriname, Cuba, etc).
Most low quality and dirty, and the least misuse, drugs are manufactured in North Africa, and arid regions of northern Asia (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan).These drugs may be excreted from 1 month to six months, and in some cases longer is less important but still noteworthy factor is the way of smoking.

In connection with the lipophilicity of cannabinoids, smoking duration by systematically removing these substances from the body is very different from the duration of the occasional reception, and is usually not detected in urine after 30-45 days.

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