In India, use of marijuana is very common. Chillum is used for smoking Marijuana,It is a whole ceremony in which Even direction chillum should be passed around is regulated.

Chillum or CIndian Smoking Chillumhilam- a small straight tube, made of cow’s horn,clay or other materials (glass, wood, etc.). When smoking a chillum specially lathed stone acts as a filter, inside the tube, which makes hemp not to get into your mouth.

It is believed that India is home to Chillum, although Chillums been found in South Africa. Chillum feature is that its origin has deep spiritual roots. Holy men from India, the Sadhu, smoking chillum for millennia.
Smoking Chillum for Sadhu is the same thing as drinking red wine for Catholic priests.
In the sixties chillum first was used in Europe and America, mostly by hippies.

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