German police involved in the fight against drug trafficking in the country’s roads, have developed a new uniform. As Reports The Local, a distinguishing feature of the new performance clothing for drugs police is that it depicts a leaf of marijuana.

In general, the uniform will remain strictly for  narko police,it consists of black shirts, pants and cap. A small white leaf of marijuana on shoulder. How the police officers have responded to the innovation, the publication does not specify.

It is assumed that the marijuana leaf on shoulder is to help the drivers stopped for screening, to understand what is representative of law enforcement is looking for.
In most German states are allowed to store up to six grams of marijuana for personal use. In May 2010, it became known that in Berlin are going to increase this limits up to 15 grams. It is worth noting that the authorities are free to establish limitations on the amount of cannabis, which can carry.

Requirements for the appearance of police officers in Germany are not too strict. For example, law enforcement officers are allowed to grow their hair, pierced ears and come to work with the bristles.

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