Marijuana – the original product obtained from the leaves and flower tops of the cannabis plant containing tiny capsules with resin. After drying, marijuana contains over 400 components. When smoking as a result of the pyro-lytic transformation they are transformed in 2000 chemicals.

More than 70 of the 400 ingredients marijuana are a group of cannabinoids, the biologically active substances of special structure, found only in the cannabis plant. The main component responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana, trans-delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC). But the cumulative effect of marijuana is defined by all active cannabinoids. Delta-8-THC content is much lower THC (some delta-8-THC in freshly collected material is absent, has the same activity, as well as THC. Cannabinol (CBN) is ten times less active than THC, cannabidiol ( CBD) – has no psychoactive properties. THC content as well as other cannabis-binoidov depends on the plant species. In the Indian varieties of cannabis in addition to trans-delta-9-THC in appreciable amounts are present: an analogue of THC with a propyl side chain of delta-9-tetragidrokannabivarin ( DVT) and cannabidiol, in a smaller number – kannabidivarin, kannabihro-min, cis-delta-9-THC and cannabinol kannabivarin. in trace amounts – cannabigerol, kannabitsiklol and butyl analogues of THC, CBN and CBD. Like THC cannabinol and cannabidiol have as a substitute in the aromatic ring пятичлен-ing hydrocarbon chain. Propyl homologs of NSC and CDB: kannabivarin kannabidivarin and ranged from 0 to 20% of their total content. The homologues with butyl deputy for less than 1% of the CBN and CBD. In neutral cannabinoids are present kannabinolovye various acids, especially in the forms of resins and oils.

Other common cannabinoids are listed below:

•           CBG Cannabigerol

•           CBC Cannabichromene

•           CBL Cannabicyclol

•           CBV Cannabivarin

•           THCV Tetrahydrocannabivarin

•           CBDV Cannabidivarin

•           CBCV Cannabichromevarin

•           CBGV Cannabigerovarin

•           CBGM Cannabigerol Monoethyl Ether

In addition to cannabinoids in the marijuana include many substances of other classes: terpenes, steroids, carbohydrates, phenols, carboxylic acids, nitrogen compounds, alkaloids, etc.

By some estimates, the delta-8-THC in fresh plant material is missing, but the isomerization of D-9-THC in the D-8-THC is very easy.

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